(Qualified Air Duct Cleaners Affiliation)

Our mission at QUADCA is to help you, the consumer, make an educated choice on who you hire to clean your Furnace, HVAC and Air Duct Systems.

We will work to accomplish this by informing the public on the proper types of equipment, tools and cleaning techniques necessary in order to effectively clean these systems along with tips on how to avoid scams and shady billing practices. The ultimate goal being to protect the consumer while improving the image of our industry and recognizing businesses/individuals that do the job right.

The QUADCA website will also provide consumers access to businesses that carry QUADCA certification. Businesses that carry QUADCA certification have been inspected by the QUADCA team, ensuring they use proper equipment, tools, cleaning techniques and business practices in their day to day operations.


Drastically increases your chances of getting a well-trained, experienced and caring individual / business to your doorstep.



In order to have your ducts cleaned properly, it is absolutely essential that the right equipment is used and proven cleaning procedures are followed. That is why each QUADCA member must be approved by the QUADCA Quality Control Team to ensure that they use proven cleaning techniques which require proper negative air machines, compressed air machines and effective agitation tools to clean your HVAC system.

QUADCA Members will use one or more of the following brands of approved equipment to clean your HVAC system

  • Abatement Technologies
  • American Caddy Vac
  • Biltwel
  • Harolds Powervac
  • Hypervac Technologies
  • Meyer Machine
  • Meyer Vacuums
  • Nikro
  • Heat Seal Equipment

This list may not necessarily include all approved companies, if you are an equipment manufacturer and you would like to be included please Contact Us.

When used by themselves, we do not recommend the following brands and tools be used to clean your air ducts:

  • Rotobrush
  • Ram Air
  • Spin Duct
  • Any type of carpet cleaning attachment

Equipment that is not considered QUADCA approved would include shop vac style vacuums with rotating brushes and carpet cleaning equipment. Also be wary of carpet cleaners that say they have truck mounted but only use their carpet cleaning vacuum.

Remember, these tools are not useless and can be used effectively when in the hands of professional duct cleaners that understand the tools limitation – but these brands are notoriously used to advertise a complete duct cleaning job, which unfortunately rarely happens when using these tools.

Click here to learn more about what we expect from a complete job when hiring a duct cleaning professional.