Bait and Switch Duct Cleaning Marketing Tactics

Bait & Switch

This is an extremely common tactic used by unethical businesses, not only in duct cleaning industry but in a wide variety of industries.

It starts by the business offering an extremely low base rate compared to the average base rate charged by most legitimate businesses in your area. What they don’t tell you when you are booking your duct cleaning appointment, is what extra charges and fees are added to the final bill.

We’ve heard stories where people are quoted under $100 for a duct cleaning job and end up with a bill of over $400 once the cleaning process has been completed, thereby leaving them no choice but to pay, file a complaint or take legal action. Not only that, but the cleaning job itself is usually poorly done.

So long story short, the best way to avoid this happening to you is double and triple check your quoted price and ask about any hidden fees not listed in their advertising. Better yet, hire a QUADCA certified business next time you have your ducts cleaned!

Had any experience with any bait and switch marketing tactics? Please help us warn and educate others by sharing your stories in the comments.

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